Kickstarter: The Serpent Playing Cards by Deckidea

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Kickstarter: The Serpent Playing Cards by Deckidea

Over the past months, the Hong Kong-based team at Deckidea has been coming out with interesting and captivating deck designs and "the Serpent" is no exception.

The Snake themed playing card is a fully custom-designed deck of playing card, which forms a snake when one fans or spread out the cards. Jason Cheng, founder of Deckidea, told Kardify,
The design originated from the desire to give extra meaning to a deck of cards when it is fanned or spread. I found the shape of a deck of fanned cards resembles a snake up really well.

Jason used that as a concept, and 100+ hours of work later, “the Serpent” was born.
Jason also wanted the deck to be more playful, so he designed the 12 court cards as unique snakeheads. One can use any of these court cards as part of the “Snake Fan”. This gives the fans or spreads a fresh new look every time.

The joker is another interchangeable card but as an ouroboros, which allows you to 'complete' your fan in a very unique way. “the Serpent” comes in 3 colors. Green, White and the limited edition Rainbow (only 200 copies printed). The decks will be printed by Cartamudi on the B9 finish.

Available NOW on Kickstarter. Pledge starts at $13 and add-on such as the Dealer Coin is also available, with snake “Heads” on one side and “Tails” on the other.

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