Cardistry: Impasto Playing Cards by Obec Studio

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Cardistry: Impasto Playing Cards by Obec Studio

Impasto deck is the first deck released by the team at Obec Studio (Instagram: For the deck, they wanted something very unique and not just another deck but an entire atmosphere around it.

According to founder Nicolas Oliveros (Instagram: @nicolasupertramp) ,
The deck is one of 3 elements in our first drop besides t-shirts and posters so the 3 of them are related to one another since the deck is feature in the other two. Our design is not symmetrical which makes the different paint brushes in the back design  to align differently while performing cardistry depending on the packet orientation.

Fully custom, the courts are characters with different personalities and are adorned with symbolic elements making reference to the ancient cards used for fortune telling.

Nicolas wanted to innovate with new concepts in the cardistry community with the goal of  spreading cardistry through multiple artistic elements that complement it.
Cardistry is, in many ways, one of the most particular disciplines in the world. We wanted pay homage through different art forms who embrace the same distinction and elegance we consider the vast art of card shuffling stands out for.
The deck will be printed by the United States Playing Card Company and available now for $12 from Obec Studio.
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