Card Gear: Kings Wild

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Card Gear: Kings Wild

Card Gear is our monthly feature dedicated to discovering new inventory, setup, and accessories used every day by card designers, cardists, magicians and collectors. The concept originated from the popular social media site, Instagram: #passthepockets. Whenever one of these hashtags come up on the social news feed, there's always something new to discover, no matter who that person is.

When we first started the Card Gear feature 2 years ago, we always wanted to get Jackson Robinson's EDC on Kardify. But for some reason, that did not happen... until now. Jackson is the founder of Kings Wild Project and is well-known for his work with custom playing cards. In 2013, Jackson's Federal 52 deck took the community by storm and opened the Kickstarter floodgates for every aspiring card designer since. His other incredible work includes Sherlock Holmes, KW Tally-Hos, Silver Arrows, Civil War and Independence.

When not designing playing cards, Jackson tells Kardify, "I'm trying to learn something new. Preferably learning how to make something new with my hands or trying to learn a new hand skill. I spend much of my spare time with my family and also close friends. I like playing board games, brewing IPAs and smoking tobacco pipes". Jackson's gear (Italics are Jackson's comments):

+ 1880 New Testament bible
+ Big Bend tobacco Pipe
+ Kings Wild Zippo (the phrase "That which never was, was now the first" a quote from a fantasy novel I am currently writing)
+ Kershaw knife
+ A field drawing journal
+ #2 ticonderoga pencil
+ Vladislav Erko playing card deck

If you would like your card gears to be featured on Kardify, feel free to contact us.

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