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Deck View: Sherlock Holmes Playing Cards- Baker Street Edition

Iconic. Detective. Intricate.

Created by Kings Wild Project, the Sherlock Holmes Playing Cards- Baker Street Edition is the flagship deck of the entire Sherlock Holmes Series. The Baker Street Edition features an intricate back design that includes iconic elements from many of the beloved stories. The court cards for the Baker Street Edition are inspired by the original late 19th & 20th century engravings and illustrations that were released with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's novels and short stories.

The Baker Street Edition tuck case features premium paper stock with embossing and Gold foiling. The tuck case is printed both on the inside and out. The playing cards inside are USPCC Aristocrat Paper Stock with an embossed magic finish.

Available from JP Games. Use the code KARDIFY10 during check-out to get 10% off for orders over £50.

Deck View: Sherlock Holmes Playing Cards- Baker Street Edition Reviewed by Ivan on 7/05/2014 Rating: 5


  1. Gorgeous deck. I picked up a few of these a week ago and I love them. The artwork is beautiful. The other decks in the series are great too (the hounds of baskerville deck, moriarty edition, and sherlock holmes edition decks).

  2. Did you get both v1 and v2 Moriarty decks? ;)

  3. Just v2. v1 was sold out =(

  4. I happen to know who have one- theflush!

    Did you check out who won the monthly giveaway?

  5. Oh woah I didn't see before thsi. Thank you!! :D


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