Analytics: Kickstarter June 2014

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Analytics: Kickstarter June 2014

With the increased interest in crowd-funded playing card projects particularly on Kickstarter, we are publishing a monthly tracking report as part of our popular Analytics series. The goal is to give an analytical insight into the month-on-month performance of projects and how these numbers are tracking cumulatively year-to-date.

June was a quiet month and the momentum of the popular crowd-funding platform seemed to have slowed a little for playing card projects. Backers have been more cautious in there pledge pattern this month, mostly pledging for popular decks. The number of successful projects remained largely unchanged. The year-to-date (YTD) numbers continue to surpass 2013 numbers. The chart below describes how 2014 is tracking against the numbers from 2013 as benchmark.

Playing Card Projects 

The number of unsuccessful projects remains at 20% in June while % of successful projects ended close to last months number (33%).

Here is what the month looked like in numbers:

Projects launched in June were predominantly on the first half on the month.

Here's a look at how projects performed over the month, largely unchanged from last month.


A total of $765k was raised by all projects in June, basically on par with last month.

The Muertos- Day of the Dead ($160k) playing cards made it to the elite $100k club with a total funding of $169k! Amazing! After a slow start, the Muertos- Day of the Dead playing cards rocketed after going viral on 9gag on day20-23 of funding! Congratulations to Steve Minty!

Here is a look at the top 5 most funded playing cards:

The top 5 successful playing cards projects for the month contributed 78% to the overall funding of successful projects!

The average YTD funding goal of a successful project continues to decrease. Currently, it is standing at $10.4k.


This month, approximately 21.1k backers were recorded across all projects. The average pledge per backer for successful projects continue to decrease. This month it stands at $40.

Line chart below is a month-on-month comparison for 2014 with the 2013 curve used as benchmark. It is interesting to note that the average spent per backer seem to be trending downwards in the last few months. This could be due to a number of playing cards projects being launched outside Kickstarter and backers have been more conservative in their pledging patterns.

Top 5 funded Projects by backer numbers below:

Launched Projects 

Here are the top 10 most funded projects launched in June:

From the numbers this month, it looks like the momentum slowed a little due to news of alternative crowd-funding platforms launching in July/early August. We expect the numbers for July and most likely August to be similar to this months'.

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  1. So many nice decks. Kickstarter is going to make me go broke >.<


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