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Review: HMNIM Playing Cards

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One of the things I really detest about Dan & Dave was that I was suckered in to buying a customised deck from them where all the courts were the same, man I was so upset. How upset was I? Dan & Dave are likely our best sellers and I was contemplating dropping them from our inventory, that’s how upset I was. So imagine my surprise to be suckered in again. That’s right, HMNIM has repeating courts, and you know what, I ain’t even mad.

Just look at this deck, it is beautiful… no I don’t think you really know how beautiful this deck is, get in closer and have really good look, give it a poke ‘BAM’, and just like that you have fallen prey, you are now ensnared in its beauty.

The art

Hi My Name Is Mark is an apparel company by Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 fame and HMNIM playing cards are a collaboration of them and Dan & Dave and likely one of the Buck twins best marketing ploys in the playing card world only outdone by Theory 11 and their partnership with J.J Abrams.

The art within the deck is focussed around HMNIM’s branding, in particular the use of the octopus, it has a nautical theme and for a guy that built his bathroom in the likeness of Disney’s Nautilus, of course I love it.

What I like

They are just about the coolest looking cards on the planet. The tuck box is beautifully adorned with foils and embossing, the inside of the box is just spectacular. If every deck the Buck twins released came in such a stylish package, they will start to give Theory 11 a run for their money. Oh, and it doesn’t look like a five year old scrawled out the courts with a black crayon during free play at kindergarten so there’s that… cough October cough

What I don’t like

The repeating courts in a custom deck, it’s a real killer for me. For a deck at this price and with the likes of Mark at the helm, one may be of the impression that a full suite of custom courts is not that much to ask for.

What are they good for?

Showing off! Not too crash hot for magic due to their customised nature but have a WOW factor none the less and they do have a bordered design so they can be used. Cardistry, no problem, those borders are thin enough to let the art shine through. But you know what this deck is best for? Just having, just to say you have one of the coolest looking decks on the market today, put them on the coffee table and just see how many unsuspecting victims it will lure in to a conversation.

HMNIM gets 5 and a half out of 8 blood soaked tentacles.

Review: HMNIM Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 7/18/2014 Rating: 5


  1. The feel and handling of this deck is pretty great too.

  2. Totally...! Expect nothing less from DnD.


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