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First Look: Diamon Playing Cards No 5 by Artedame Dutch Design Studio

[Updated] Diamon Playing Cards N° 5 Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign with over 250 backers and raised over €7,500 in funds, the team at Artedame Dutch Design Studio is stepping into a new campaign with an all-new deck, Diamon Playing Cards N° 5.

The eye-catching deck features diamond patterns with shades of butter yellow to cherry wine red, which complement one another and fuse to create a unique pattern. The Winter Warmth theme is exposed beautifully and functions incredibly well, allowing you to perform the highest standards of Cardistry flourishes, fans and magic tricks. According to founder Jannieke van Geet,
The feedback from our first deck of cards we created was stunning. From all over the world, we received messages from people sharing their appreciation for the design of the cards and how they loved the quality and handling. Such great responses triggered us to pursue the idea of creating a second deck; N° 5.

Artedame Dutch Design Studio teased the design of the No.5 back in crowdfunded N° 2, by secretly including an ad card with the new design. We asked Jannieke about the design updates done to the new N° 5.
We wanted to continue the trend of assembling diamonds together in such a way that it creates a geometrically pleasing pattern with vivid colours that pop when fanned, flourished and dealt. This time around we decided to change the index to the traditional font to make it easier to play with. We will continue to work with the quality of the USPCC to ensure that the cards are top-class and overall we want to make sure that N° 5
will be even better than the previous version.
[Updated] Diamon Playing Cards N° 5 Playing Cards are now LIVE on Kickstarter!

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