Cardistry: 3 Questions with Hoang Nguyen of Spud Playing Cards

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Cardistry: 3 Questions with Hoang Nguyen of Spud Playing Cards

Spud Playing Cards is a cardistry deck currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. Designed by Hoang Nguyen, or popularly known as Spud on Instagram (@hoang.spud), the deck is inspired by many popular cardistry deck and influenced by the simplicity of the streetwear brand, Supreme.

From Columbus, Ohio, Hoang has been shuffling cards for 4 years. Like many others, he started out as a magician, but one day, he was introduced to The System by Dan and Dave and that’s where Hoang began his cardistry journey. He learned as much as he could from all sources he could find and finally in 2017, that he started to create his own flourishes.

Just before the launch of the project, we had a quick chat to Hoang about the inspiration behind Spud playing cards, the community, and his favorite flourish and deck.

What is your inspiration behind Spud Playing Cards? How did you come up with the idea?
When I was designing this deck, I wanted to create something noticeable and great for cardistry. I took inspiration from many decks: Fontaines, Origins by Cardistry Touch, and School of Cardistry by the New Deck Order. And of course, I was also influenced by the iconic simplicity of Supreme. After a lot of tweaking and asking for cardists' opinions, I settled on this design. The borderless backs are great for fanning while still helping your packet cuts look smooth and connected. The faces are custom designed for cardistry, and they're all identical so any cut, display, or fan is visually balanced.

We first noticed Spud Playing Cards on Instagram. What do you think the playing cards community in terms of the feedback and support that you’ve been getting so far on the social media platform?
With the increase of popularity in cardistry the past couple of years, Instagram and Reddit is a great platform for us to express our thoughts and ideas on the cardistry art form. The community is phenomenal, the feedback I get from many other cardists helped me improved quite a lot about my playing cards. In the end, I make this playing cards for the artforms itself, so it’s really helpful to get ideas from everyone in the community.

Finally, what are your favorite flourish and playing cards decks?
My favorite cut is Squeeze by Daren Yeow, it’s such a classic cut and a lot of my cut were build on that Squeeze foundation. After that is Fairfax by Tobias Levin, the way the packet moves and connecting is very satisfying to do.

My favorite deck at the current moment is Dot by Anyone Worldwide, the handling and the design exceed all my expectation I had for this deck, such a great concept with minimalist design is incredible. Another favorite deck of mine is Apothecary Hand Gilded White Label deck from Seasons Playing Cards, I have not seen a deck with that kind of gilded edge which such vivid colors like that before. The deck is so eye appealing and the design is beautiful with its complexity. They are currently on Kickstarter and it is a must grab!

Thanks, Hoang! Already funded on Kickstarter, Spud Playing Cards will be printed by the Expert Playing Cards Company on their newest Stud Finish. 

Pledge starts at $13 and you can help Hoang hit the final stretched goal of $12,500 to upgrade the tuck to Embossed finish.
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