Collections: Federal 52 by Kings Wild Project

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Collections: Federal 52 by Kings Wild Project

If there is one deck that truly made the custom playing card market explode it's the Federal 52 by Jackson Robinson & Kings Wild Project. The "Fed" took the community by storm and it wasn't only an amazing Kickstarter campaign, it also opened the Kickstarter floodgates for every aspiring card designer since. Aside from it's record breaking financial success of the campaign, it also set the standard for custom deck design to this day.

The concept of currency on a playing card isn't new by any means, but it was never presented in such a creatively intricate and beautifully detailed package as the Federal 52 did. The deck is 100% custom, every aspect of the cards has been touched and the theme carries itself from the back design, Ace of Spades, custom jokers, face cards and historical courts perfectly.

The Federal 52 was the "Game Changer" it did everything right with a custom deck of cards. Not impossible to find in the market, but well worth the premium when you do. If your any kind of collector you need to add this deck, if not the entire series to your won't be disappointed.

*Federal 52 was also available in an unbranded version

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