Deck View: Bicycle Espionage Playing Cards

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Deck View: Bicycle Espionage Playing Cards

Spies. Villains. Agents.

The Bicycle Espionage playing cards was launched late 2013 for members of Bicycle's Club 808. This deck is a tribute to the entire spy genre over the last 50 years. This is evident from the tuck which is all one color except for a slight variant in the embossed details. The minimal, clean design of the tuck makes it look classified.

The face cards are completely custom. From the pips to custom back design and of course the eye catching courts. The court are an amalgamation of every genre of undercover agent; you’ll see everyone from a tuxedoed gentleman, to a ninja woman, to a mad scientist in the employ of an agent. The card backs are black with an 80% gray overlay, making them subtle and stylish nods to secrecy.

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