Cardistry: Void Playing Cards by Four Corner

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Cardistry: Void Playing Cards by Four Corner

Four Corner is a new cardistry brand by UK based cardist, Scott Black (Instagram: @scottwithcards). Void Playing Cards is the first product from the brand and they are currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. These decks are truly unique and one of the more intriguing designs we've seen for a long time.

A year in the making, the VOID explores the illusion of depth throughout the decks' entire design, taking playing card design to the next dimension. At the correct angle, this deck really pops!

The deck features a custom Ace of Spades, card backs, and pips. The custom pips continue the depth concept and are featured throughout the deck, ensuring consistency of the theme.
The face cards and courts are standard with one custom depth pip allocated on each card. The slight difference of the standard face card and court card designs adds to the decks' visual impact as a whole.
The tuck box design shows off the void back design on both its sides. The tuck design also shows the brand's signature four's on the corners of each side, with the logo on the top side, and the details and additional graphic on the bottom of the tuck.

Pledge starts at $14 on Kickstarter and the deck will be printed by The United States Playing Card Company on their popular Crushed Stock. Only 1,000 will be printed.


Cardistry: Void Playing Cards by Four Corner Reviewed by Ivan on 2/01/2020 Rating: 5

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