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Noodlers Playing Cards Nears Goal. Less Than a Week on Kickstarter.

What started as a joke turned into a reality when Deryn Le posted a poll on his Instagram account (@deryn_magic). He had 3 playing cards designs and Noodlers was the clear favorite out of the 3. Designed with cardists, magicians, collectors and ramen lovers in mind, Noodlers (Chicken Edition) Playing Cards is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter and it is currently only 76% funded with a 7 days to go.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of this fully custom deck. From the card backs, Ace of Spades and Jokers to the Courts and tuck case, the instant noodle theme has been creatively designed and presented in fun ways such as the sealed and open "Chicken Flavor" seasoning packet jokers, and the nutrition fact on the back of the tuck box that looks like a packet of ramen.

The card backs feature an orange colorway and feature a bowl of ramen with an Asian theme design. For the number cards, every red pip on a standard deck has been updated to orange to go with the color palette.

Also, the traditional courts have been updated to give them a fun, light-hearted look. Each court card pays homage to the standard courts (facial hair, headdress and hairstyle) and they all are holding a bowl of noodles!

All aces are standard with the exception of the Ace of Spades which bares a cute chicken inside the Ace.

The deck will be printed by The United States Playing Card Company on crushed Bee stock with Linen Finish. Pledge starts at $12 for a single deck on Kickstarter. Help make this adorable deck a reality, head over to Kickstarter now!

Images by Richard Arturo.

Noodlers Playing Cards Nears Goal. Less Than a Week on Kickstarter. Reviewed by Ivan on 2/12/2020 Rating: 5

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