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Final Week on Kickstarter, Infinitum Playing Cards

An intriguing deck by the team at Elephant Playing Cards. Infinitum Playing Cards is a deck of playing cards that is both functional and beautiful. The fully Custom is inspired By The Futility Of Time and designed for the games enthusiast, the casual gamer, the collector and the cardist to be a staple go-to deck in any situation.

The deck combines elements of mortality and time to produce a dystopian infinite universe where endless power and greed (embodied by the Kings, Queens, and Aces) have not only figuratively but also literally consumed the very ones who dedicated their lives to its pursuit. This theme is vividly portrayed with intricate embossed foil, bright popping colors, luxurious metallic inks, and superb handling.

There are 3 decks in the Infinitum Series: Ghost White, Midnight Black and Royal Blue (Stretch Goal):

The Ghost White deck is the purest form of Infinitum; heavenly white and pearly cream offset the bright red and silver for maximum aesthetic. The striking design draws the eye at every angle, and the shiny red and silver (stretch goal) box foil highlights the intricate detail.

The Midnight Black deck is stunning in its dark beauty; the black cards throw the gold, red and white color scheme into clear relief, and the stunning silver and black (stretch goal) foil on the matt black tuck box create an ethereal appeal. This is a truly essential deck to pick up for any collection or poker night.

The Royal Blue deck is the ultimate stretch goal for this project and will be unlocked if the stretched goal of $30,000 USD is achieved. Infinitum Royal boasts a regal blue and gold color scheme, offsetting the dark blue background with sky blue and shiny gold foils. The Cards are brightly colored while retaining easy recognition of the stunning detail making for a truly superb deck.

All three tuck box features an intricate Foil to the exterior and comes with stylish embossing. The decks will be printed by the United States Card Company and pledge starts at $15 on Kickstarter.

Final Week on Kickstarter, Infinitum Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 2/19/2020 Rating: 5

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