Lucky Playing Cards Funded in 8 Hours on Kickstarter

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Lucky Playing Cards Funded in 8 Hours on Kickstarter

Whoah! Loving this collab deck of playing cards by Doc's Playing Card Co. and design studio Native Tongue. Lucky Playing Cards is luxurious yet practical and functional.

According to Irish Legend, if you are lucky enough to capture a Leprechaun you can barter for his treasure. The team wanted to create a deck based upon the legend for quite a while. According to founder, Michael Mcclure,
As a child I was fascinated by these little men that stand about as tall as a three-year-old, pinch you if you don't wear green on St. Patrick's Day and hide gold at the end of rainbows. One day while talking to my friend and Artist Brad Gabbard of Native Tongue Studio, I ran the idea by him. Over the next several months he designed and redesigned many backs and court card combinations until he was able to come up with the perfect combination of both.

The deck they created a deck that would appeal to cardists, magicians and collectors. To achieve this goal, the team has crafted a fully custom St. Patrick's Day-themed courts feature along with a beautiful custom Ace of Spades and Jokers.

Clover pips are used in place of Clubs, as well as unique metallic gold and metallic green suits rather than traditional black and red. Also, we were told that a number of additional secrets are hidden throughout the deck.
The more of them you find, the more "lucky" you can make the deck for yourself...

Lucky Playing Cards will be printed by the USPCC using the finest traditionally cut crushed stock and finish in the industry. Metallic gold and green inks will feature throughout, including the courts.

Pledge starts at $12 for a single deck on Kickstarter.

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