Kickstarter: 7 Questions with Petros Chrysochos of Royal Verge Playing Cards

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Kickstarter: 7 Questions with Petros Chrysochos of Royal Verge Playing Cards

Royal Verge playing cards is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter with a goal of $6.5k to create a deck inspired by timeless and elegant design. Conceptualized by Petros Chrysochos of Dealt Company and designed by Destino, the deck showcase Roman numerals combined with the classic clocks to trigger a feeling of a royal order which dates to the Victorian Era.

Inside, the deck includes fully custom illustrated cards from the pips, courts, aces, and the jokers. The eye-catching card backs come with a stunning two-way design with a Binary Marking System integrated on the back which is easy to learn. The deck is packaged in a tuck box adorned with gold & white foil on purple premium paper stock.

Prior to the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, we had a quick chat with Petros about Dealt Company, collaboration with Destino, the inspiration and the design process behind Royal Verge.

For those of us who don’t know, can you tell us about yourself and how did Dealt came to be? 
This passion of mine started many many years ago when I was a kid. I fell in love with playing cards the minute I picked them up. When I was studying at Wake Forest University, I entered the Entrepreneurship program where I made this all possible. With some help from the mentors and the resources they provided, I created Dealt. We are committed to designing intricate designs and premium quality playing cards. This is my first deck on Kickstarter and I have full faith that with a little bit of help, we can fund this deck :)

Can you describe the Royal Verge deck and why you’re passionate about it?
The Royal Verge is like my baby. I always loved vintage clocks and also roman numerals so what better way to combine the two and create an iconic two-way back design? Could not have done it of course without Destino's help. He has been an amazing designer and person to work with. This deck took us almost a year to develop and perfect. We also added a binary marking system which is difficult to see, but easily readable. I am passionate about playing cards but I am even more passionated specifically for this deck since it is my first one :)

How did you and Destino end up collaborating together? 
Destino has worked with a lot of people including magicians and I couldn't help but notice his work on social media. He helped me with some previous projects I had and he did a phenomenal job. I always recommend him to anyone who needs high-quality work. Not only he meets the expectations, he easily exceeds them.

What role did you play in the art direction and how much time did you spend working on the deck?
The whole deck design was my idea however, Destino definitely pointed out some obvious details we needed to add. I had an image in mind and he definitely put it on paper. We worked really hard for over a year on this deck and since none of us was doing this full time, it took us a little longer than expected. But we definitely delivered :)

Walk us through the process you took to design the deck. How did you come out with the idea and how did you get to this finished product? 
It was difficult to finalize everything from scratch because you never know if the design is ever enough. I also did not want a simple, minimal design because the designer needs to have an unlimited imagination and fill up the paper as much as he can. There is no room for a lot of white space. That is why we tried to make sure we took advantage of the whole playing card field. I definitely wanted a two way back design and a binary marking system. A lot of times the marking system can come in handy. Especially if you are doing sleight of hand. Also, the color was chosen after a lot of consideration. I wanted to print a color that we don't see very often in the playing cards community.

What was your most brilliant breakthrough when designing the deck?
The most brilliant breakthrough was honestly when I realized how enormous the playing card community is. The number of people who are willing to help us get this deck funded is insane. I want to publicly thank everyone who mentioned, posted, pledged, or read this Q&A. It really means a lot.

Finally, what are your favorite playing cards?
This is a really tough question. To make it easy, I will just name my favorite designer. My favorite designer is definitely Lotrek.

Thank you for your time Petros and all the best! If you like what you've read here and want to support Royal Verge playing cards, you can find it on Kickstarter Here!

Pledge starts from USD$12 and will be printed by Cartamundi. Also, add-ons such as Royal Verge shirt and uncut sheet are available during the campaign.

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