Smoke & Mirrors V8 Images Leak Ahead Of Announcement

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Smoke & Mirrors V8 Images Leak Ahead Of Announcement

Images of the new Smoke & Mirrors V8's have leaked and made the rounds on social media. The source seems to be from an authorized distributor of Dan and Dave decks on the Chinese e-commerce store, Taobao.

Dan and Dave’s signature Smoke & Mirrors Playing Cards will be available again for the first time in eight years. The linework on these cards is just beautiful. Illustrated by hand by Si Scott the decks have been released in various versions and colors. A simple yet elegant design is still a favorite among collectors, magicians, and card aficionado's alike.

From the images, many of the design elements have been carried over from previous decks. The semi-custom deck features stylish card backs, Ace of Spades, and jokers. 

The court cards are pretty much standard but given a minimalist twist and updated red/blue color palette. 

Dan and Dave also "Tweaked" the tuck boxes a bit with a new packaging design. Looks pretty cool! There will be 5 color variants- White, Black, Red, Champaign, and Blue. 

No word on the release date as of yet but we think it is going to be sometime next month.


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