Collections: Smoke and Mirrors by Dan and Dave

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Collections: Smoke and Mirrors by Dan and Dave

Smoke and Mirror's was Dan and Dave's first Signature Line of playing cards. The line work on these cards is just beautiful.

Illustrated by hand by Si Scott the decks have been released in various versions and colors. A simple yet elegant design is still a favorite among collectors, magician and card aficionado's alike. From a collectors stand point the original versions of the Smoke and Mirror (Black and White) are still very sought after, they were released as 1st Edition (Version 1), Special Edition (Version 2), and Luxury Edition (Version 3). The differences are very subtle changes to the back design, with the Luxury Edition Mirrors deck being the most obvious with its Black borders.

The other minor "Variant" is in the Version 4 Eco Deck (Green), it was released with and without a seal on the tuck.

All 3 versions will put a small dent in your wallet, with the Version 2 seeming to be the most extinct. If your not a collector and just love the classic design and look of the cards, you'll be more then happy with the reprints, the tucks are a bit more flashy and at a fraction of the cost.

The Smoke and Mirrors line is available in the following:
Smoke Version 1, 2 and 3
Mirror Version 1, 2 and 3
Eco Version 4 (Green) With Seal and Without
Denim Version 5 (Blue)
Rouge Version 6 (Red)

Dan and Dave also released a Limited Edition Box set that "Tweaked" the tuck boxes a bit with a new design and foil, it also introduced a new deck to the line, Carbon, Version 7.

Reprints of each deck have also been produced with the new box design.

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