Collections: Rarebit by Theory 11

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Collections: Rarebit by Theory 11

The Rarebit Playing cards were produced by Theory 11 for The Rarebit Restaurant and Lounge located in Charleston South Carolina. The original Green foiled version is what you can pick up at the restaurant IF your meal purchase hit's the $100.00 mark, that alone should put the asking price of this deck these days in perspective........but at least you got a nice meal out of it if your able to make the road trip.

The tuck case is in a matte black finish making the intricate foil line work just pop off the black background, the tuck also includes a nice custom seal. The deck itself has the same back design as the tuck in a yellowish-green pallet, the face cards, courts and jokers are completely custom and draw inspiration from the restaurants logo of a Rabbit or Hare. The Jokers feature two mirrored rabbits in the center of the card and "Joker" in the two corners. The custom Ace of Spades has some cool little codes on it such as the number 474 over a crown indicating the street address of the restaurant, 474 King Street. The courts are for the most part custom, although each court card features the same face on them, that of the Rabbit logo. The dress on each court is varied in the center design and each court has it's own weapon or item in hand.

The Rarebit deck handles very well and continues Theory 11's standards of striking tucks with semi-custom to fully custom yet functional decks. Theory 11 re-released a Limited Edition Copper version of The Rarebits that sold out in a matter of days, but they can be found on the secondary market quite readily. The Copper version while identical in design does feature metallic inks. The Original will definitely appeal to collectors due to it's rarity, and  I think the design and concept is well worth adding it your collection...even if it's the Copper version. The "Pros" for the Copper version, you won't mind opening it due to it's smaller price tag so you can enjoy the cards. The Original, well, if your a collector, it's worth adding it to the list of decks to look out for at the right price...........or head to Charleston on your next vacation.

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