Kickstarter: Solidarity Playing Cards- A Tribute to Our Heroes

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Kickstarter: Solidarity Playing Cards- A Tribute to Our Heroes

Only 2 more days remaining on Kickstarter, Solidarity Playing Cards is a deck that pays tribute to the people who have achieved extraordinary things in exceptionally difficult circumstances. And so, Intertype Studio collaborated with Playing card specialist Riffle Shuffle to create this deck. According to the campaign page,
The past year has been a tough one for us, and all our friends and families around the world. This deck aspires to remind us and pay tribute to the everyday heroes who kept fighting to make our world a better place. From diversity, society derives its strengths. Through diversity, society brings out its beauty. In this deck of cards, we celebrate the pillars of society: healthcare workers, frontline workers, soldiers, educators, scientists, social workers, and everyone, including you.

Two decks are on offer during the campaign, the Loving Red Edition, and Navy Blue Edition. The tuck box features delicate details and emphasizes the most important aspects that construct society. 

Below the two crests, we declare “From our diversity comes beauty and strength”, and present the greatest societal virtues: “Love and care”, and “Peace and unity”. The Loving Red Edition comes with Red & Gold premium foils, and Blue & Silver premium foils on the Navy Blue Edition. 

On the back of the cards, at the center are two fists that represent cooperation. There are plenty of little details to discover, from flowers to people exercising their everyday activities. 

The pips have been redesigned with a modern twist. Also, each suit has a special meaning: Integrity in Diamonds, Unity in Spades, strength in Clubs, and goodness in hearts. The fully custom courts feature a few of the universal roles that support communities. From protestors to soldiers, from doctors to firefighters, a range of people are represented here. 

The bold ace of spades showcases an intricate design with messages in the details display the harmony, the little quotations written within the details. The custom jokers include man and woman, together in harmony. As one can see on the border, they hand-in-hand, in unity. 

This very thoughtful and meaningful deck is printed by the United States Playing Card Company with their Premium Bee Stock, Air-Cushion Finish. The recently released Stretch Goal Edition: Solidarity Gold and Silver Medal FOIL Edition are Now Available. These will be printed by TWPCC with their Luxury Finish.

Pledge starts at $8 on Kickstarter.

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