Retro Wave Playing Cards, Inspired by the Legendary 80's

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Retro Wave Playing Cards, Inspired by the Legendary 80's

Bring back the legendary decade filled with Retro Wave Playing Cards. Neon signs, electronic synthesizer music, VHS interference, palm trees, video games, and fast cars instantly immerse us in the style of those years. Designed by Evgenia Zhade, the Retro Wave deck of playing cards brings together the best of those themes and nostalgia. 


Evgeniya has developed a design with a classic combination of purple hues. Crafted for magic and cardistry, the face cards have been adapted to the standard image, and each suit is highlighted in a different color. There is also an additional image on the sides so that beautiful fans are obtained from the front. 

The bold dynamic back design makes card flourishes look interesting. The main symbol of Retro Wave is the sun, located in the center, there is also a classic video game grid, a completely symmetrical design. 

Each card was drawn separately from scratch, Evgeniya spent a lot of time on the courts. Each royal has custom faces done in the classic style with an 80’s flare and color scheme. The queen comes with multi-colored hair, dressed in disco style, special attention should be paid to the queen of diamonds - this is a self-portrait of Evgenia Jade depicting her at work with her pencil. 

The Aces are custom as well. The ace of diamonds is shaped like a road leading into the perspective on which the car is driving. Ace clubs are three palms, and of course a classic nightly romantic city for Ace Hearts. The main Ace of Spades showcases the Retro style wave itself. 

Printed by the USPCC and pledge starts at $13 on Kickstarter.

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