Less Than A Week on Kickstarter, Sacred Fire Playing Cards

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Less Than A Week on Kickstarter, Sacred Fire Playing Cards

Sacred Fire Playing Cards is Pedro Oyarbide's second deck produced by Riffle Shuffle currently funding on Kickstarter. The deck is inspired by the power of fire, reminding us that the path to our annihilation will be born from our greatest innovations. 

The fully custom deck features Perdo's incredible artwork througout. From the striking tuck case, intricate card backs, to the menacing royals, suits and jokers. 

The back design is infused with some clever details. Two symmetrical "phoenix" figures are prominently featured in the center of the flames. Also, between the Greek pillars, the enormous flame with intricate detail, fiery eagle heads, angels and skulls. 

The suit symbols has the motive of flames within, and the numbers in the corners appear in a classic, yet slightly stylized version.

The courts are increibly illustrated and hold weapons. However, some royals possess other items, such as a small hut and a feather, possibly a pen. These are human's greatest creations: weapons to hunt, houses for shelter, feather pens to write. All used by monarchs to control the masses. 

The eye-catching Ace of Spades feature the recurring skull with wings lies dead centre of the flaming spade with surrounding symbols and motifs, creating beautiful symmetry within the spade. The jokers donned their typical outfits playfully hold wooden sticks with their ends ignited with fire. They stand dramatically upon the entrance to their stage like true entertainers.

Two colorway's are on offer during the campaign- Emerald Flare and Sapphire Blaze. Each tuck case comes with a unique die-cut window and a special fire foil stamp cards.

The Foiled Stamp Card is made with 3 different colours of hot foil on both sides to mimic the bright flames from the Sacred Fire. The tuck case is adorned with Green and Blue foil on both exterior and interior! 

Printed by Taiwan Playing Card Company with their Luxury Paper Stock. Pledge starts at $14 on Kickstarter.

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