First Look: Thirdway Industries Reveals the Mythica Limited Edition of Odissea Playing Cards!

[Update] Odissea Playing Cards is now on Kickstarter! 

Odissea is the second release of the year for Thirdway Industries. Inspired by Homer's Odyssey, the deck features the artwork of Giovanni Meroni. On the inspiration, Giovanni explained,
Odyssey was my first fairy tale. When I was a little kid, instead of Red Hood and Cinderella, my father used to tell me how Ulysses fooled a man-eating cyclops, blinding him with a sharp stick, or how he challenged the Siren’s Call, tied up to his ship’s mast.

The art style is an evolution of SINS and Dedalo - Giovanni tried to mix them to have the malice of SINS and the mythology of Dedalo. Like the majority of his previous releases on Kickstarter, Oddissea will come in a total of 3 decks- 2 unlimited decks (Minerva and Neptune) and 1 limited deck (Mythica).

Giovanni revealed a few details of the Mythica Limited Edition deck that will be available during the crowdfunding campaign. There will be metallic inks used on the face cards AND card backs. In addition to that, the face cards will have an experimental pearlescent effect (to be revealed in the campaign).

The deck will be packaged inside a premium black stock tuck box with 3 foil! If you are familiar with Giovanni's work, you can be assured that the tuck will be STUNNING!
[Update] Odissea Playing Cards is now on Kickstarter! 

At the time of writing, Giovanni is still deciding on the printing company. It will be between EPCC Taiwan, USPCC, and Cartamundi. Odissea will launch on Kickstarter 16th May 18:00 EDT  and pledge starts at €15 (~USD$18).
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