Kickstarter: Dedalo Playing Cards by Thirdway Industries Funded Within 7 Hours

In less than 7 hours, the Kickstarter campaign for Thirdway Industries’ Dedalo Playing Cards has reached its €20,000 funding goal. Dedalo is inspired by mythology and meticulously illustrated by Giovanni Meroni with a sharp and modern style.
Dedalo Alpha, Dedalo Omega and Dedalo Apeiron are available on the Kickstarter project. Check out our First Look for the backstory and details.
The first stretch goal is at €30,000 and unlocks embossing on all Dedalo tucks. Given that the campaign only launched 24 hour ago and still has 29 days to go, it’s not hard to believe that a number of stretch goals will be smashed by then.
Dedalo Playing Cards will be printed by Expert Playing Card Co. and features rich and complex lore, which complements the artistry of the images. It is currently standing at €23,312 from 338 backers.

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