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First Look: Doong Doong Playing Cards by Khanh

Two years in the making, Doong Doong Playing Cards are designed by Khanh.This exotic deck is inspired by the pattern motifs on the Dong Son bronze drums and Lac Viet culture. From the circles, triangles, Viet bird and deer, the Doong Doong is designed according to the characteristics of the ancient culture in Vietnam with a modern twist and brings a touch sophistication.

The intricate back design is made out of four Viet birds flying around the rhombus features detailed characteristics adapted from Lac Viet culture.

According to Khanh, the four Viet birds represents the number of years since iV, a cardistry and sleight of hand group in Saigon, Vietnam, was established- "VII VII MMXII – VII VII MMXVI".

On the court cards, Khanh said,
I wanted to design something classic but contemporary in nature, hence no borders, no standard faces and new weapons.

Printed by Legends Playing Card Co, Doong Doong Playing Cards are designed with card enthusiasts, cardists, sleight of hand artists and poker players in mind.

Doong Doong Playing Cards is scheduled to launch on Indiegogo in July 2016. To keep up to date with Doong Doong Playing Cards and anything iV, follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

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