News: Here's What We Know About Bitcoin Playing Cards

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News: Here's What We Know About Bitcoin Playing Cards

The Bitcoin Playing Cards have been generating quite a buzz on social media. The stunning decks are a collaboration between Andrei Jikh, Patrick Kun and illustrator Billy French, designed to mirror the Bitcoin currency, from the value, the look, the feel, and ultimately - the story. Here's what we know so far:

1. The Black Bitcoin deck will be available on the Kickstarter campaign.
The deck features a luxurious tuck box with premium soft-touch Black dyed paper, embossed and adorned with Black and Gold Foil on the exterior and interior.

2. The White deck will be LIMITED
Not much is known at the moment except that it comes in a high-end acrylic puzzle box.

3. The decks will be semi-custom
The Ace of Spades, Jokers, card backs are custom. The court cards are kept largely the same as standard Bicycle faces but with gold metallic ink as accents!

4. The decks come with a secret marking system
The binary codes reveal the identity of the card from the back design.

5. The deck will be printed by Legends 
on the brand new soft Stud Paper with the Cardistry Finish.

Both Andrei and Patrick are set to present and announce the Bitcoin deck during Cardistry-Con, Hong Kong on 21st September. Stay tuned! or follow @ipo52co on Instagram for more info.

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