Deck View: Jetsetter Premier (Green Edition) Playing Cards

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Deck View: Jetsetter Premier (Green Edition) Playing Cards

Destination. Flight. Vintage.

The Jetsetter Premier Edition in Green is a follow-up to the Blue, Restricted Red, and Jet Black Editions. The Jetsetter Green is a subtle nod to the original Luxury Edition deck, inspired by the roadside signs that guide travelers and plane spotters to their destination airports around the globe.

The card backs showcase the airplane pattern and the Jetsetter logo in the traditional two-way casino-style design. The Ace of Spades exhibits the Jetsetter logo with green accents and the spades logo in the center. The court cards have been re-colored to match the overall theme of the deck, with the clubs and spades courts in green, black and silver while the diamonds and clubs in deeper casino red, black, and gold. Finally, the trademark Jokers features the round trip boarding passes.

What makes Jetsetter Premier Edition series so special is the vintage and classy feel of the deck but with modern appeal. The deck is packaged in a durable synthetic stock tuck box with UV spot accents and silver foil. The deck is printed by the Expert Playing Card Company.

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