Deck VIew: Jetsetter Premier Edition Playing Cards

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Deck VIew: Jetsetter Premier Edition Playing Cards

Luxury. Flight. Travel.

The Jetsetter Playing Cards: Premier Edition are inspired by the classic casino and vintage airline decks of the past. The deck has been worked to be an extension of original Luxury Edition. The Premier Edition showcases a gorgeous Altitude Blue colorway and the courts have been recolored to match the overall theme and feel of the deck.

The Spades and Clubs features blue, black and silver courts, while the Diamonds and Hearts will showcase deeper casino red, black and gold court cards. The Ace of Spades are custom and prominently exhibits the Jetsetter Playing Cards logo. The backs feature the same new logo in a traditional two-way casino style design and will have the same airplane pattern as the original Luxury Edition deck.

The stunning tucks have a vintage and classy feel with modern appeal and feature a clear UV spot coating creatively applied to the airplane icons on the front of the tuck. Printed by Expert Playing Card Co. Available now from Jetsetter Playing Cards or from our Kardart store.

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