Deck Watch: October 2016

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Deck Watch: October 2016

While we'll be the first to say that Playing Cards as an investment is not the wisest of choices, the value of certain decks is an interesting thing to take note of. With anything deemed to be a "Collectible" value comes into play for various reasons, from just knowing to gambling on the possible return on your investment.

Deck Watch is just a look at what some items are actually selling for in the market. Over time it should be interesting to see how values hold and or fluctuate month to month and what trends develop. Each month Deck Watch will feature the top 5 Playing Card decks, in terms of selling price*,  in both the Modern, as well as Vintage categories.

David Blaine Create Magic (3) - $450.00 / 300.00
(3) = Indicates the number of this deck that sold
$450.00 / 300.00 = Indicates what the highest selling price was for the 3 (450) and the lowest of the 3 (300.00)
Average High End Selling Price= Indicated with a -/+  and red or green, depending on if the total has gone up or down from last month. 

Top 5 Modern Playing Cards

5. Bund 18 - $225.00 (Sold as a set at $450.00)
4. ICONS Imperial Edition - $225.00
3. Carbon Wolf Cardbon Fiber Playing Cards - $250.00
2. David Blaine Create Magic - $265.00
1. Federal 52 Unbranded Reserve Note Signed - $280.00

Average high-end sale price for October Modern Decks: $249.00 for a single deck.

Top 5 Vintage Playing Cards

5. Unusual Single Ended Playing Cards - $293.00
4. American Indian Photographs Souvenir Playing Cards c1900 - $310.00
3. Memoires de Casanova Erotic Art Playing Cards c1960 - $360.00
2. Antique Circus No.47 Playing Cards c1900 - $404.00
1. Wide Michigan Travel Souvenir Playing Cards. c1900 - $750.00

Average high-end sale price for October Vintage Decks: $423.00 for a single deck.

* Methodology: Items are filtered from ebay under the heading of  "Playing Cards" for the prior month and only include actual Sold Items and not "Offer Excepted" listings. Selling price rank is based on a single deck listing unless the per deck price on multiple items ranks appropriately. Items that would normally occupy multiple slots will be consolidated into one listing which will include the number of times it sold and its highest/lowest selling price.

Deck Watch is intended to be purely informational entertainment. Kardify by no means is setting or guaranteeing posted values to specific items. The value of anything is based on your own personal opinion. 
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