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News: Imperial Gold by Midnight Playing Cards

In  2013, Randy Butterfield launched his Imperial Playing Card campaign. The decks were inspired by the beautiful Imperial Eggs created by the House of Fabergé from the late 1800's to early 1900's. Randy set out with a goal to create his own unique Egg designs.

One of the stretch goals, that unfortunately didn't come to fruition, was the Imperial Gold Edition. A Limited Edition deck with a completely unique design from the standard decks, featuring an embossed and foil accented tuck and custom seal.

Now, 3 years later, the Imperial Gold Deck has come to life. Self funded by Randy, the Imperial Gold deck is now available for purchase from Midnight Cards. Randy's done a little updating to the original design, making the cards indices more player friendly along with some tweaks to the design elements, but all in all the Imperial Gold has never looked better. Offered in a limited run of only 1000 decks and printed by the Expert Playing Card Co., Imperial Gold is sure not to disappoint. Now available at Midnight Cards!
The Imperial Gold Deck is a luxurious Deck of Playing Cards that's inspired by Fabergé Eggs and Imperial Russia. Designed by Midnight Cards and printed by Expert Playing Card Company, it is LIMITED to 1,000 Decks. The Deck features 100% custom artwork that was created as original 3D Models and then Rendered for rigorous Photoshop compositing, including the PIPs.  
The Tuck Box is stunningly printed on a Gold Luminescent paper stock. The Imperial Gold Tuck features 4-Color Process + Red Foil + Gold Foil AND Embossing. Each Individually Numbered Seal Sticker design is printed with a Dark Red Pantone on a Gold Foil material. Everything is top notch and gorgeous! 

The Cards utilize Expert's exceptional Classic Finish. The Back Card is a borderless design with the Russian 2-Headed Eagle as the focal point. The yellow bleed on the sides and red bleed at the top and bottom provide opportunity for some spectacular spreads, fans and many Cardistry techniques! 

The DIAMOND Eggs all have a Nature/Fantasy/Elfish vibe. The CLUBS are inspired by Greek mosaics, colors and geometric shapes. The Russian Double-Headed Eagle is the focal point for the HEARTS and Back Eggs. They also draw inspiration from Ancient Rome. And lastly, the SPADES all have a Baroque/Gothic look and feel. - Randy Butterfield

To differentiate the hierarchy of Cards, the JACKS are the "Warrior" Eggs within each suit. The QUEENS are simple, elegant and use light colors. The KINGS are the most decorative and ornate of the Court Eggs. Also, each of the KING Eggs contains a "Crown" at the top. The Index Fonts and large PIPS on the Numbers Cards have been given a facelift from the original Imperial Decks. All changes to make for easier gameplay. - Randy Butterfield

We want to thank Randy for sharing the Imperial Gold deck with us and our readers.

To keep up to date on everything going on at Midnight Cards you can follow them on Facebook as well as visit the main site at, where you can also shop Randy's superb catalog of work, past and present.
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