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Kickstarter: DYSTOPIA Playing Cards by Joker and the Thief Launching Today!

In collaboration with UK-based illustrator, Pedro Oyarbide, the guys at Joker and the Thief will be launching DYSTOPIA Playing Cards on Kickstarter today. DYSTOPIA is a disturbed tribute to cult movie Mad Max, Muscle Car Culture, the Australian Film Industry and Outback.

According to James Milaras of Joker and the Thief,
There's something about it, something about the monstrous roar of a V8, and the road stretching out into eternity ahead of you. There we were, in 2015, sat comfortably in the theatre for George Miller's Mad Max: Fury Road. Our eyes and ears assaulted by the gloriousness of fuel, fire, rage. Raptured by post-apocalyptic brilliance. The dystopian reality that we were thrust into quickly became inspiration for our newest project.

Twelve months in the making, this blood and fuel injected project features 100% custom illustrations - A symbolic back design, a striking ace of spades, tyrannical court cards, insane jokers, and of course, a tuck box from hell. James continued,
With the wasteland as our playground, we realised we could dial everything on this project up to 11! In other words, we went a bit mad. Join us this Halloween, as the Joker and the Thief descend into the insanity of the apocalypse.

DYSTOPIA Playing Cards will be printed by the Expert Playing Card Co on the popular Classic Finish!

Will you survive? DYSTOPIA will launch on Kickstarter Monday, 31 October 6PM EDT.
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