Cardistry: The Art of Cardistry with Dan and Dave

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Cardistry: The Art of Cardistry with Dan and Dave

Back in 2013, Dan and Dave were contacted by the folks at Cool Hunting for a video series sponsored by Lincoln Motor Company. The Cool Hunting crew spent a few days with the twins. This is the only known video showing us how Dan and Dave practiced magic as kids.

Interested in illusion from a young age, the pair are not typical performers- they won't be levitating or sawing anyone in two anytime soon. Instead, they practice card flourishes with an incredible blend of complex and almost acrobatic card-handling skills, which they had a large hand in bringing into the mainstream—to the joy of audiences, young and old. The art is better known as Cardistry today.

Cardistry, allowed for them to personalize their tricks. The art of Cardistry may have started as just a beloved hobby among enthusiasts, but when the binary began making videos to document their routines, a movement began. After Dave and Dan posted their first video online in 2003 and then launched a DVD, the art and community began to grow — with Dave and Dan emerging as pioneers of Cardistry.

Check out the cool video
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