Kickstarter: Check Out The Stunning Corona Playing Cards!

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Kickstarter: Check Out The Stunning Corona Playing Cards!

Corona Playing Cards are designed by Khanh and produced by Bomb Magic. This exotic deck is inspired by the pattern motifs on the Dong Son bronze drums and Lac Viet culture. From the circles, triangles, Viet bird and deer, the deck is designed according to the characteristics of the ancient culture in Vietnam with a modern twist and brings a touch sophistication.

The deck is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter with a goal of $12k The decks are currently 58% funded with 19 days to go!

The fully custom deck features an intricate back design made out of four Viet birds flying around the rhombus features detailed characteristics adapted from Lac Viet culture. The borderless court cards depict Vietnamese figures with customized weapons and garments. They are contemporary yet familiar!

The indices and pips are custom as well. Combined with metallic ink on the cards, this gives Corona a luxurious look and feel. The deck is packaged in a stunning tuck case adorned in gold foil highlighting the intricate details of the artwork.

Two colorway is made available during the Kickstarter project- Black and White. Pledge starts at $15and they are printed in Taiwan by Taiwan Playing Cards Company on Vintage Stock and Legendary Finish.

We want to thank Bomb Magic for the prototype and to have an in-depth look at this beautifully innovative and functional deck. There's just so much to like about this deck!

Custom artwork with a cultural back design, enhanced court cards, and of course, a stunning tuck box. The deck handles and feels great as well! Definitely worth picking up a few.

Also, a limited Collector's Set is available during the campaign. 25 Limited handmade Wooden Boxes with produced prototypes and both decks are sealed with serial number and the signed Certificate.

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