First Look: Black Reserve Note (Green Edition) Playing Cards

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First Look: Black Reserve Note (Green Edition) Playing Cards

The Federal 52 Unbranded Edition Playing Cards is still one of the most highly sought after and demands quite the premium in the secondary market. Late last week, Jackson Robinson released the follow-up to the stunning deck, the Green Edition Black Reserve Note to subscribers of Kings Wild Shorts.

The deck feature a black and green colorway and shares many of the design elements as the rest of OG Federal 52 series. Jackson recolored all the cards from OG red hue to a green hue.

All red treasury seals have been changed to green on the tuck box and cards. This gives the deck a mysterious look and vibe.

Also, Jackson added a new Continental Drummer and a Declaration of Independence art cards. Like the OG, the deck comes with two-panel Diptych of George Washington crossing Delaware as well as the black card backs.

Another amazing deck to add to your collection. The stunning embossing along with a hint of green foil just sets this deck apart, as well as Jackson Robinson's signature style for the Federal 52 series and the fully foiled tuck interior makes this an amazing centerpiece to any collection.

The deck will be released to the public on 29th November. Limited to only 790.

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