Collections: Black Reserve Note by Kings Wild Project

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Collections: Black Reserve Note by Kings Wild Project

The follow up to the Origianl Federal 52 campaign was the Federal 52 Part II. The campaing consited of a total of 6 decks. The Silver Certificate, The White Reserve Note and the Black Reserve Note (each available in a branded and un-branded version). The Black Reserve Note shares many of the features as the rest of the decks in the series, but the Un-Branded version is still highly saught after and demands quite the premium in the secondary market, sometimes in the range of $300.00.

The Black Reserve Note, like the other decks, was available in a Bicycle Branded version as well as a non-branded version. The un-branded version does have the desitiontion of a two panel Diptych of George Washington crossing the Delaware as well as the black card backs (The Branded version houses the same deck as the White Reserve Note). Print runs for the Black Reserve Note were drasticly reduced from it's companion decks. Only 1550 Branded version were produced and the un-branded had a print run of only 1000. Just as the other decks in this series the deck features a numbered Holographic Seal.

Just an amazing deck and easy to see why it's still on so many collector lists. Not easily found, but well worth the hunt. The stunning embossing along with a hint of bright red foil just sets this deck apart, as well as Jackson Robinson's signature style for this series and the fully foiled tuck interior makes this an amazing center piece to any collection.  

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