First Look: Midnight Bowl-A-Rama by Midnight Cards

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First Look: Midnight Bowl-A-Rama by Midnight Cards

We had the honor of being the 1st to handle and see the prototype decks for Midnight Cards upcoming Midnight Bowl-A-Rama deck. The decks are bold, vibrant and a bit of a departure from the norm for designer Randy Butterfiled.

That being said, I think the deck came out really well and the design concepts of all the card elements completely captures the theme of this deck. A nice vibrant back design and a really well thought out face card layout make this a really solid project.

Looking at Midnight Cards body of work, one can't help but ask why the change of direction? What inspired the Bowl-A-Rama deck?

"The short answer for why I decided on a Bowling themed design is I enjoy Bowling. Part of the long answer is to challenge myself and stay sharp. Designing Playing Cards is a creative outlet for my hectic, deadline-driven day job. During the day, I have the honor to work with some of the best Spirits, Wine and Beer brands from around the world. A lot of the projects are creative, but a good number of them are limited to specific Brand Standards and extremely tight deadlines. Designing Playing Cards at night allows me the chance to take my time and create something unique.

Over the past couple years, I've noticed that my Contract / Freelance Deck assignments are mostly going for the high-end Luxury vibe. I enjoy doing those type of designs, but if I'm doing Luxury designs for assignments, the last thing I want to do for a personal design is something with a similar feel. That's a recipe to become lazy and complacent! So, I chose to  take a chance and create a design around a fun Bowling theme. It was some of the most fun I've had designing a Deck!

It wasn't very hard to picture a cool Bowling Deck, especially when picturing the Numbers Cards. Also, the old Bowling Alley Signs from the '50s and '60s are perfect for creative inspiration! My brothers and I grew up Bowling on Leagues in our small hometown of Otter Lake, Michigan. That Bowling Alley is now shutdown, but the memories still endure. Nowadays, my family and I enjoy Bowling on a semi-regular basis. I can definitely see my kids wanting to join a League when they get a little older. Bowling is a great group or family activity. I hope these Decks do the sport justice!"

Midnight Bowl-A-Rama will be printed with two back designs and two colors, Green and Red. The decks will be printed by Legends PCC on there Classic Finish.

Bowl-A-Rama is scheduled to hit Kickstarer on March 12, 2015, so lace up your rental shoes, polish your ball and enjoy the trip down memory lane with this whimsical shout out to classic American pass time.

Kardify would like to thank Randy Butterfield and Midnight Cards for the opportunity to share the first real images of the deck and special personal Thanks from me for the honor and opportunity to shooting the pics. Once the campaign is underway stay tuned for a special announcement about the Bowl-A-Rama deck you won't want to miss!

Keep up to date on all things Bowl-A-Rama related along with everything coming along for Midnight Cards by visiting their Facebook page.

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