Deck View: Club Pitch Playing Cards

Top Ad unit 728 × 90



Deck View: Club Pitch Playing Cards

Jade. Marketing. Modern.

CLUB PITCH Playing Cards is a collaboration between card enthusiasts, Duane Cardinez, and Pitch, a full-service advertising agency in Culver City, CA. The deck features minimal and bold design but with intricate and traditional design elements. The deck sports a jade green, black and white contrasting colorway giving it a striking look. The one-way card back features a subdued black/green color while the front showcases a loud hit of green/white color combo.

The face cards are easily recognizable with the traditional design elements but with a modern touch with bold green borders around the cards. Club Pitch cards deceivingly appear to be minimal but are rich in detail to avid collectors. 

Printed on Expert Playing Card Co’s classic stock.


Deck View: Club Pitch Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 11/29/2020 Rating: 5

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