News: The First Discourse Deck Design Contest Sponsored by the Expert Playing Card Company

Do you have a design idea for a playing card deck? 

Take your design, hammer out the dents, then present it at the Discourse. The Discourse entered into a sponsorship arrangement with the Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC) and created a contest for fledgling and experienced deck designers.

How It Works 

Stage One is now underway. Present your ideas to the public for comments and suggestions on the Design and Development board.
Stage Two begins Sunday, May 18th at 04:00 UTC, where the Discourse will begin accepting submissions for the contest.
Stage Three starts Tuesday, July 1st at 04:00 UTC; the submission period is closed and the entries are presented to the membership to be voted on. The election ends Tuesday, July 15th at 04:00 UTC.

If there's no clear majority had by any one entry, a two-day run-off election for the top two vote-getters will be held starting on July 15th and ending July 17th at 04:00 UTC.

The Prize 

The winner will have his/her deck created by the EPCC, and the designer will receive 36 bricks of their deck, shipped to them free of charge...! Bragging rights included of course!

This is the kind of contest where you can win without actually being the winner, just from the exposure that your design receives. Also, you might get an indication of the responses for that Kickstarter project you've been thinking of, or perhaps you'll catch the attention of a design house that's interested in your work!

Head on over to the Discouse and start your journey!

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