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Deck View: Exquisite (Blue) Playing Cards

Quality. ElegantClassic.

From Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC), the Exquisite is a one of a kind deck inspired by the original from about 1895 or so and produced by the Union Playing Card Company of New York. The back design that Union used wasn’t as much fun so EPCC decided to replace it with a really beautiful back that had also originally come from the Art Nouveau period.

The blue (worker) edition of this deck is made of the original back design, not reversed- like the ultra rare red edition, printed in metallic blue and it also has a sideways tuck completely done in a beautiful blue foil.

The Exquisites represent a breakthrough in quality and card handling. It is printed on the same paper and coating as the Legends and by the same Taiwanese factory. It handles like a dream!

Available at JP Games. Use the code KARDIFY10 during check-out to get 10% off for orders over £50.
Deck View: Exquisite (Blue) Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 4/19/2014 Rating: 5

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