Revealed: Aquila Playing Cards and Kardify Projects

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Revealed: Aquila Playing Cards and Kardify Projects

Kardify Projects is proud to announce a collaboration with Three of Clubs from Indonesia, for the release of Aquila Playing Cards on Kickstarter. Aquila is the result of months of effort, meticulous card design, refinement and planning of the collaboration. This will be the first for Kardify Projects. Our goal is to produce not only a quality product, but one that can be enjoyed by all Playing Card aficionados in a truly limited offering.

Aquila Playing Cards is inspired by Balinese mythology- exotic, elegant and beautiful. The Aquila designs encompass two decks of different custom Playing Cards, the Standard Edition (White) and Limited Edition (Brown). They are accentuated by exotic and elegant details throughout with an intricate borders on the back and beautiful background patterns on the face card.

Each of the court cards is custom and unique, which exemplify the uniqueness of the two decks. There are only 1,500 Limited Edition decks available and once these reward tiers are filled, they are sold out and never to be printed again. This meticulously designed deck of Playing Cards will be printed by the Legends Playing Card Company (LPCC), producers of the popular Legends and Exquisite brand of playing cards.

We are extremely excited and cannot wait to launch Aquila on Kickstarter on 23rd April (7am CDT).

Three of Clubs - Ade Suryana, Akmal Luthfi and Krisnapati Bayu
Kardify Projects - Anthony Ingrassia and Ivan Choe

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