News: Stockholm17 Announces Gemini Quest. Here's What You Need To Know

Get you brain cells in gear! Stockholm17 just announced on social media the Gemini Quest. This will be the second quest by Stockholm17 following the enjoyable yet challenging Heretic Quest back in 2014. Here's what we know about the upcoming Gemini Quest:

1. The Quest is scheduled to start on June 1st (no ETA was given). Follow @Stockholm17 on Instagram or subscribe to the newsletter to be notified. Deadline for the quest will be June 17.

2. You will need to solve 3 enigmas and each gets progressively difficult and complex. Hints will not be available this time round. Definitely not easy and it will take some time but it will be rewarding.

3. On rewards, there will be 3 prizes available to be won. Those who complete the quest will be in the draw to win these great prizes!

4. You will need to have at least one Gemini deck for the quest. If you don't have one, you can team-up with someone with at least one opened Gemini deck.

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