Limited Red LTD Deck

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Limited Red LTD Deck

A dignified and minimalist design imbues the LTD Playing cards with a dignified quality. The card box is printed a deep crimson red outside and inside of the case to permeate the entire deck with high design. Designed with help from card pro and magician, Daniel Madison, the card backs reflective of the timeless diamond pattern design that give the LTD its signature appeal.

The box is simple and has a modern, minimalist design. So, rather than being cluttered like a Standard bicycle deck box, it looks more elegant and it feels more durable.

For the card design, the jokers are very, very unique and they compliment the deck well. The joker depict looking like marionette dolls because of the hand above the lower case j with stings coming off it. At the bottom it says "joker". The pips on the deck have been made smaller and the black pips have become silver and all of the red pips are the deep crimson red. The court cards are standard pictures with the deck theme color: deep crimson red, black and silver. It is a bordered deck so it is good for magicians that do card reversing tricks.

This deck has a soft but springy stock. It is perfect for springing, fanning and spreading because it does not clump and the same goes for riffle shuffles and dribbles. So, that's a tick for flourishing. Interestingly, the deck feels like it has a premium finish to it and suits the performing magician well.

Only 5000 Red LTD decks crafted.

- Beautiful minimalist design
- Elegant and durable box design
- Premium finish for the working magician

- Back design could be better

- 5/5
Limited Red LTD Deck Reviewed by Ivan on 2/27/2013 Rating: 5

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