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Analytics: Project by Numbers - Where Do Playing Card Projects Come From?

In our Project by Numbers series, we've looked at pledge and backer numbers for two popular playing card projects, Federal 52 Part II by Kings Wild Project and Requiem by Lorenzo Gaggiotti. We also know that the popular crowd-funding platform is a global phenomenon with over 3 million backers coming from 214 countries and territories.

With this phenomenal growth and huge audience, it is no surprise that more artists and designers from around the world are using this platform to produce their own deck of playing cards. For example with the two projects mentioned above, Kings Wild is based in Memphis, Tennessee while Lorenzo is in Stockholm, Sweden. The question is, where do all playing card projects come from?

To answer this question, I've consolidated all the data provided by Kickspy into a spreadsheet and chart it out to give you a visual view of where all the projects come from both domestically (US) and internationally.

Domestic US

2010 - Two playing card projects were recorded was back in 2010. Since then, the numbers have increased exponentially and at the end of February 2014, more than 200 has been recorded.



2013 - Incredible growth for 2013, approximately 300% increase from the previous 2012.

Jan-Feb 2014


2012 - First recorded playing card project was in the UK.

2013 - Increased in the number of playing cards project in Canada and Australia due to the launch of Kickstarter platform in the respective countries.

Jan-Feb 2014

Hope you find this insightful. Next month, we will look at playing cards project categories on Kickstarter. Do projects listed under Tabletop Games perform better than Graphic Design? We will drill down the numbers for you and see which has been the most effective category.

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