Revealed: Heretic Playing Cards

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Revealed: Heretic Playing Cards

Okay, this is not exactly a 'first look' of Heretic Playing Cards but a before and after look of the deck. Masterfully crafted by Lorenzo Gaggiotti, designer of the breathtaking Requiem Playing Cards, Heretic has generated quite a following around the community after hints and teaser images on social media and popular playing card forums.

Interestingly, Heretic was designed before Requiem Playing Cards. It remained with a company which ended up not printing it. Lorenzo took Heretic back, tweaked and improved on the artwork & design. After five months of hard work, it will be released on Kickstarter.

Thanks to Lorenzo, we are able to have a look at the original Heretic deck (top) and the improved version (bottom), which will be released on Kickstarter.

The original name for the deck was "Der Alchemist" and then it became "Oracle" before a deck with a similar name was released on Kickstarter. After taking the deck back, Lorenzo renamed it "Heretic". From the given names, one would have guessed the deck is based on alchemy and the hermetic world. Noticeably, Salt (for the Jacks), Sulfur (for the Queens) and Mercury (for the Kings) are the three basic ingredients of the alchemist. To quote Lorenzo,

The mysteries of alchemy, hermetic world, symbols, sacred geometry and numbers fits with playing cards (e.g. 52 cards as the 52 weeks of the year).

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  1. I backed these cards because of this article! They look very nice.

  2. Lorenzo is a master of good looking decks. ;)

  3. Definitely! Great design all-around.


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