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1-ON-1: Jason Brumbalow Part One

Something a little different with this 1ON1. 

So a few weeks ago I approached Jason Brumbalow about doing a 1ON1, in the same manner I've approached everyone else who's been kind enough to collaborate with us. We went back and forth on schedules and ended up making an appointment via Skype to discuss what we wanted to do.

From that meeting we came up with a date and time for our "Interview" we felt the easiest way to do this was via Skype once again and I could go back through the conversation and build the "written" piece from there.

A few days later when I started working on the piece I sat there for about 20 minutes pulling bits and pieces out of the video capture and kept getting distracted by the conversation itself. So while the notion of making this a video interview was bantered about, Jason knew it might be a possibility, we really didn't set out to do that. So while this is a bit crude, and not how I would do it in the future, I think the "piece" is much more interesting coming directly from Jason than anything I could have written.

So ignore the guy on the left and I hope you enjoy Part One of our Jason Brumbalow 1ON1

I want to thank Jason for his time and willingness to be a guinea pig on this new format, it's greatly appreciated.

Coming soon Part Two of our Jason Brumbalow 1ON1...stay tuned!

This exclusive 1-on-1 is written by Anthony Ingrassia for kardify. No part of this article can be reproduced without written permission from the author. You can check out Anthony's awesome collection on his Facebook Page Sparkz Collector.

1-ON-1: Jason Brumbalow Part One Reviewed by highlite23 on 8/18/2014 Rating: 5


  1. Very cool! "Magic was calling me back pretty quick." what a great line to end on.

  2. It was a lot of fun and Jason was great to work with....RUN is going to be awesome!


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