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Analytics: Project by Numbers - Requiem Playing Cards

Here is another rare glimpse at the numbers of a recently completed project, Requiem Playing Cards project. Only 4 months ago, creator Lorenzo Gaggiotti was looking for a potential investor/backer to make this deck a reality, Kickstarter wasn't even his first another option. One thing led to another, and Lorenzo decided to launch Requiem on Kickstarter. Previously an unknown in the Playing Card industry, Lorenzo has made a name for himself through this unique deck of cards and his hard work has paid off.

In this Project by Numbers analytic series, we will look at what happens after the project- backer numbers, pledges, add-ons, traffic sources etc... This month, we will look at numbers from a recently funded project - the pledge and backer numbers.

Before we start, we want to thank Lorenzo for sharing the data and giving us an insight of the numbers that behind this fantastic project.

The Project

The Requiem Playing Cards project was launched on 12 January 2014 with a funding goal of $15k. This is one of our most anticipated deck in 2014 and without any doubt, this project was funded within 9 days of the launch!

Here's a quick overview of the project:

The 10 prototype decks might be of interest to some. Of the 10, 2 are for the backers, 1 for Golden Backer, 2 for deck-reviews on youtube, 3 still with Lorenzo in Stockholm, 1 for an expression of interest pre-Kickstarter and 1 for the Requiem Crew- Mike Ratledge (who did an awesome job!)

This how the funding progress look like:

On Jan 24, 30 Gran Riserva decks was released and the Golden Backer found!


The amount pledged was $38.4k56% of that is United States based (domestic). Note that only 0.4% of pledges did not get banked due non-processed credit card errors. As usual, 5% will go to Kickstarter and 4% to Amazon Payment.

From the total amount, 76% of the backers pledged $24 and above. The most popular pledge seem to be the $16-$25 level, which is the 2 decks/combo reward tier. Histogram as follows:

The average pledged per backer is:

... and the highest single pledge:


The final number of backers for this project is 769.

The composition of all the backers are as follows:

Lorenzo will have to order 3.5k+ decks for backers (50% Autumn and 50% Winter).  There are +/-5k deck in production  (50% Autumn and 50% Winter). This decision has yet to be officially confirmed.

Next month, we will look at (initially scheduled for this month) where all the playing card projects come from and the month after, we will look at traffic sources (external vs internal) of a number of Kickstarter project- where do they come from and what % do they contribute towards the funding goal.

Analytics: Project by Numbers - Requiem Playing Cards Reviewed by Ivan on 2/20/2014 Rating: 5


  1. I'm really proud of being one of the first backers :D Great deck :)

  2. I agree! Lorenzo & crew has done a fantastic job and the numbers do show. :) Can't wait to get my deck.

  3. Always great to see the graphic visualizations of the numbers, Ivan! You did a great job as well.


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