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EXCLUSIVE First Look: 52 Plus Joker Club Deck 2014

We are honored to be able to bring you the first look at what is sure to be one of the most sought after decks in recent history, The 52 Plus Joker Club Deck.

The Club Deck is being offered to attendees of this years 52 Plus Joker Convention being held in Charleston, South Carolina at the Charleston Plaza Hotel. The convention draws a huge following from all corners of the globe and you would be hard pressed to find a larger collection of vintage playing cards and related items under one roof.

52 Plus Joker is headed up by such notable names as world renowned playing card expert Tom Dawson, author of the definitive guide to playing cards "Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Card" which he worked on with his wife Judy, and teacher, author, creator and magician extraordinaire Lee Asher.

This years convention goers will have the unique and enviable opportunity to own the 1st 52 Plus Joker Club Deck. The deck was designed by Jackson Robinson of Kings Wild Project and is being produced by the Expert Playing Card Company. To be one of the 1st to own this magnificent deck all that is required of you is, one, be a member of 52 Plus Joker and, two, be an attendee of the convention.

The deck itself is just amazing, a bright white two piece "Slip Case" accented by silver foil houses the just as spectacular cards. The Slip Case's outer cover is elegant and simple, sporting the number "52" to represent 52 Plus Joker on the front and a completely foiled back that matches the card back design. The inner part of the slip case has a repeating "52" foil design pattern set on a light grey repeating background pattern, the look of the inner slip case is very eye-catching as it's angles hide and reveal the "52" in the design pattern.

The cards themselves are just as impressive with a mirrored and foiled back design of the "52" script. The deck also features a custom Ace of Spades, beautifully rich custom court cards and two custom Jokers depicting the 52 Plus Joker Logo. The Club Deck will also feature a custom numbered seal.

The 52 Plus Joker Club Deck will be available in very limited quantity. The deck will have a print run of ONLY 500 decks available to Club Members who are in attendance at this years convention.

But fear not, non convention goers will have an opportunity of their own to own part of this 1st offering. Once the convention has wrapped up, the remaining supply of the Club Deck will be available to Club Members ONLY on the 52 Plus Joker web site while supplies last. Keep in mind that only 500 of the Club Decks were printed, so they will be limited and most likely not last very long once available....what a better time than NOW to become a member.  Also, later this year Conjuring Arts Research Center will be offering the 52 Plus Joker Deck in a Gold version. The cards are identical to the Club Deck with just a shift in color from Silver to Gold and the deck will be presented in a side-ways tuck constructed of a synthetic water proof paper. The Gold version has the same elegant and simple design as the Club deck and features the same full foil back design on the tuck case, as well as the foil accented "52" pattern on the cards back design.

Needless to say, either deck will be an amazing addition to any collection.

If you would like to find out more about 52 Plus Joker and how to become a member, please visit their website for more details and information. You can also visit the Club's forum, the Discourse at, and share and converse with other collectors about the hobby we all know and love.

I hope everyone enjoyed this sneak peak to what is sure to be THE talked about deck for quite some time.
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