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Top 12: Playing Card Decks for Halloween

So.... your costume is ready and the pumpkins are carved! With Halloween just around the corner, we compiled the best playing cards for the All Hallows' Eve. Behold! The Kardify Top 12: Halloween edition, with enough ghosts, zombies, assassins, imps and killer clowns to keep your spine tingling through the night.

Enjoy the selection below. Difficulty scale from easy (1) to difficult (5). If you have one that we haven't discovered. Do feel free to share.

12. Black Ghost Second Edition

The second edition of the Black Ghost deck from Ellusionist is an improved version of the popular original edition which was privately circulated for special promotions and given as a gift to professionals such as Banachek, David Blaine, Daniel Garcia and others.

The second edition is proving to be equally as popular and includes a barcode reveal on the box, unique one-of-a-kind jokers, and the United States Playing Card Company's premium air-cushioned finish.

Difficulty: 1
Price: $7.99

11. Bicycle Creepy

Originally funded on Kickstarter, Collectable Playing Cards brings you the Bicycle Creepy Playing Cards. The designer wanted to create beautiful but 12 Creepy monsters and put them on court cards. These cards are carefully designed to incorporate regular courts, aces and card faces with creepy artwork.

Difficulty: 1
Price: $9.95

10. Karnival Assasin

From BigBlindMedia, the popular Karnival Assassins Playing Cards was re-released in a dark, dusky and vibrant green. As with the original Karnival Assassins, this limited edition deck features a new Karnival styled back design, Ace Of Spades, Jokers and Tuckcase.

Difficulty: 2
Price: $12.70

 9. Bicycle Killer Clowns

Another bone chilling custom deck of cards from Collectable Playing Cards. Killer Clowns will be one of the freakiest deck that you will ever own. Each card is bursting with color and detail featuring 12 custom court cards of the most dysfunctional clowns ever seen before dark.

Oh... be sure not to stare too long or you may see them move.

Difficulty: 1
Price: $9.95

8. Brosmind

All faces in this deck of cards are exclusive designs created by the world famous Brosmind art studios based in Barcelona. Directly inspired by street art, all the faces of the cards are very special and unique, with exclusive designs created by Brosmind. Their style is fresh and optimistic and always combines fantasy and humor.

Difficulty: 1
Price: $3.99

7. Bicycle Zombie

The Zombie Deck is a totally unique deck of playing cards, both a traditional deck and a delightfully spooky set of survival tips in case of zombie attacks!

Gone are the usual face cards; the royals and jokers have joined the horde. The Zombie Deck features original artwork on the front and back of the cards, including zombified face cards and jokers.

Difficulty: 1
Price: $3.99

 6. Bicycle Skull & Bone

The historians at the Conjuring Arts Research Centre discovered a single example of this back design that dates back over 100 years. CARC had the artwork redrawn and a limited number of Skull & Bones decks were reprinted in both red and black.

The artwork is beautiful and has a very modern look – made all the better by the knowledge that this is actually a very old back design.

Difficulty: 2
Price: $7.95

5. Bicycle Anne Stokes II Dark Hearts

The fantasy art of Anne Stokes is featured on book covers, board games, and various merchandising—and now, playing cards. Stokes designed each card herself, giving every individual card its own distinctive art. 

This beautifully crafted deck features original artwork on the front and back of each card. These decks were printed in the USA at the United States Playing Card Company and printed on premium stock with a quality finish.

Difficulty: 1
Price: $3.99

4. October

Fulton's October Playing Cards is a frightfully fun and whimsically deck featuring the illustrated artwork of Steven Noble. Packaged inside the box you will find one tricked out deck of playing cards.

Everything from the back design, ace of spades, jokers, and court cards were customized. The deck features a superior dark-charcoal and black box, while also incorporating an asymmetric design that proudly features the back illustration of the cards within.

Difficulty: 2
Price: $9.99

3. Sideshow Freaks

For Halloween, this deck is all about a classic sideshow experience. Bearded lady, contortionists, fire-breather, sword swallower, lobster boy, ring master and monkey can all be found in a tuck that looks like a circus tent. The Sideshow Freaks Deck features original artwork on the front and intricate backs of the cards, including the face cards and joker.

Difficulty: 1
Price: $3.99

2. Whispering Imps Special Edition

Illustrated by Mark Stutzman and inspired by American magician Harry Kellar's 'Whispering Imps' poster from 1894. This Special Edition is a very limited edition deck of Whispering Imps.

The cards are presented in a tuck box crafted from premium Starfire Red Vellum Paper embossed with Red Foil. The intricate card back design of the Whispering Imps is embossed with red foil on the back of the tuck box.

Difficulty: 4
Price: $18

1. Bicycle Tragic Royalty

The Tragic Royalty Deck is designed with bold black and dark-red backs, with whimsical and ghoulish court cards, each with separate impish poses and the Ace of Spades tangled in a fitting spider web.

But that's not all! The biggest surprise... these gothic deck of cards glow in the dark when used under a black light. Imagine how cool your Halloween game night could be with these playing cards!

Difficulty: 1
Price: $3.99

Top 12: Playing Card Decks for Halloween Reviewed by Ivan on 10/22/2014 Rating: 5


  1. I'll add a thirteenth deck because it's Halloween! Chris Ovdiyenko's Oracle. Pictured is the special edition and is Bicycle branded in a print run of 1000. Also available is the regular edition, it is unbranded with an unknown printing. Based on talking boards and the Spiritualism movement, these playing cards are unparalleled in finish and art. Employing an engraved style and featuring foil finishes and embossing, Oracle Playing cards were printed by the United States Playing Card Company.


    Price: Limited $32.00 Unlimited $16.00

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