Collections: Hotcakes by Uusi Studios

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Collections: Hotcakes by Uusi Studios

Uusi's Hotcakes may not appeal to everyone, but one thing is for certain, every deck Uusi produces is trully a work on it's own, each having it's own unique styls and concept. Hotcakes is the fifth deck in the 6 deck series by the designers and draws it's inspiration from the full figure court cards of the 17th Century. From that inspiration the concept took a bit of a "Naughty" twist on its style using a more "Pop Art" pallet and burlesque look to its figures. With that being said, Hotcakes does end up a bit more in the "Art Deck" catagory compared to Uusi decks of the past, but that's fine. I really like the illustrations and overall theme of the project very much. The tuck imagery is a bit bold in its reveling corset design, but the campaign did offer a "Modesty Sleeve" for those who preffered to keep the revealing tuck under wraps. The deck itself, as always, is completely custom and the back design has a bold pink and black pallet with a nicely balanced borderless design that ties everything together. Uusi's Linnea and Peter are designers and artists, and Hotcakes continues to show how much the two strive to push in new directions.

Hotcakes was produced in two colors, a standard Red version and a Limited Edition Black version (Pictured) Only one deck remaines in the Uusi series and I for one hope that Uusi occasionally returns to Playing Cards as a medium, their concepts and visions are just superb.    

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