First Look: "Fuego!" Playing Cards by Cellar Window Part II

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First Look: "Fuego!" Playing Cards by Cellar Window Part II

[Update] Fuego! Playing Cards are now live on Kickstarter.

Part one of our First Look of Fuego! Playing Cards generated quite an interest amongst the playing card community. In the second part, we look into the details pertaining to this vibrant deck and the inspiration behind the artwork.

The Fuego! Playing Cards deck is the debut deck of Cellar Window (CW). It will be printed by Lawrence Sullivan's Legends Playing Card Co. in their traditionally cut European card stock and Emerald Finish. Every card on the Fuego! deck is custom made with very thin borders because of LPCC's precise cutting and each suit represents a different social class of the period from the rebels of the Spades to the elites of the Hearts.

Special attention is also given to the back design in that appeals to the talented cardist as well as the serious collector with it's minimalist approach coupled with an intricate touch. Staying true to the Latin aesthetics, the Fuego! deck has a carefully selected color palette with a focus on the contemporary design feel.

The Fuego! Playing Cards deck is influenced by the works of Mexican political printmaker José Guadalupe Posada and his Calaveras. It also has it's roots in the colorful and vibrant tradition of the Day of the Dead. With the small detail of the suits being different social classes this gives a particular weight to CW's other inspiration, the Latin phrase "Memento Mori". A simple reminder of our inescapable mortality no matter what standing we have in society and for all of us to strive to change our life for the better in light of this predicament.

This project will be available via Kickstarter on May 5th. We wish the team at Cellar Window great success with Fuego!.

[Update] Fuego! Playing Cards are now live on Kickstarter.

To keep up to date on the latest happenings from Cellar Window, visit them on their webpage.

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