Collections: Classic by Uusi Studios

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Collections: Classic by Uusi Studios

Six decks ago, starting with the still sought after Blue Blood, Uusi embarked on their new project. It was a series that was to consist of 6 different decks, each with its own style, look and concept. That series came to a close with Classic. Appropriately named, Classis is exactly that, a throwback to the vintage look and feel of old renaissance artistry, the hand painted courts and hand drawn back design all show the true artistic talent that Uusi brings to all of their projects.

The tuck has a soft feel and subtle embossing to it, and the off white color helps the bold design work stand out, while still having a “Vintage” look to it. As with all of Uusi’s decks, Classic was also printed at USPC, the antique hue of the base color of the cards works really well with the Classic theme and the almost iconic large full pips feel perfect in this renaissance package.

The court cards are the stand out element of the deck in my opinion, a very strong Classic design, again pulling from the renaissance period, bold character and the perfect palette make each court look like a painting you would find hanging in a museum. The Ace of Spades has a nice regal look to it and the Jokers are playfully innocent and continue to tie the theme together exceptionally well.

Available in Blue and Red, Classic also features another Uusi staple, the two panels (Card) Diptych, adorned with mythical creatures and a banner that stretches across both cards that reads “no. VI” (No. 6) on one side. Classic is everything I would have expected from Uusi, it continues to showcase Linnea and Peters talent and commitment to producing something different than each previous deck. Classic is a bit bittersweet, closing the chapter on Uusi’s series, but they haven’t disappeared completely from the playing card world, which is good news for us.

If your new to collecting, take a moment to look up not only Classic, but all six decks in the Uusi series, you would be hard pressed to find such a divers series anywhere else.  The only real hard piece to find is the original Blue Blood, but you can enjoy the look and feel of that deck with the Redux version. The others in the series are not impossible to find, but might set you back a little. Well worth adding to your “Wish List”, and they definitely earn the title of “Must Have” in just about any collection. Enjoy the “Vintage” look of Classic, and venture into the back library as well, you won’t be disappointed.

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